Ever since singer Winnie Nwagi announced her concert that has been dubbed ‘Fire concert ‘, everyone was hapoy for her simply because this is her first ever maiden concert. Nwagi herself mentioned that every one has a time to shine and since her time was yet to come, she was not jealous when Azawi held her maiden concert before her.

Imagine her excitment when she was told it was finally her turn to stage her maiden concert. To the dismay of many of her fans however, the news hit the internet that Swangz Avenue was not the one behind her concert but had sold it to KT Promotions. Netizen’s were left paralyzed because it was not like swangz Avenue could not afford another concert. It felt like Winnie nwagi was deserted by her own record label.

In July, Swangz Avenue organized Azawi’s maiden, and also two weeks ago they were behind Juliana Kanyomozi’s successful Concert.With KT Promotions being behind Nwagi’s concert, reports alleged that the label is slowly pushing her away.

However, the ‘Malaika’ singer has now come out and disclosed the reasons why her parent label, is not the one organizing her maiden concert. According to Nwagi, KT was contacted to organize her concert way before the lockdown, so when the lockdown was lifted, they just decided to start from where they had stopped.

She assured her fans that she is still with the label for many more years. Nwagi assured her fans that she would stay with Swangz avenue because they understand her better than any label and they can never desert her like people think they will.

I don’t know why people wish me to leave the label but too bad for them I’m still with Swangz. They didn’t organize my concert because KT had been preparing the concert before COVID-19 hit. So we just resumed from where we had stopped


Leticia Nambaziira

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