There have always been ongoing rumors that singer Bruno K and news anchor Faridah Nakazibwe are an item but however, the two have always downplayed the allegations in various interviews, saying that they are just best friends. Faridah went ahead to say Bruno is just a close friend who needed help with his daughter and she did just that and helped him look after her.

Many Netizen’s are however convinced that these two are just playing the cat and mouse chase game and they are truly together. Since no one believes this simple lie that the two are not dating, the media decided to get some Intel about Bruno K from the person he praises the most and uplifts the most.

while appearing in an interview on the NBS Chart Room, Nakazibwe was asked why her “friend” Bruno K has never held a mega concert, yet musicians like Fik Fameica, John Blaq, and Azawi, who came into the industry after him, have already staged their concerts. Her answer left obvious shock on the faces of the show hosts because she mentioned that she had also asked him about the same but he mentioned that if he was to hold a concert,it would be named Faridah, after her.

I asked Bruno about holding a concert because he has been in the industry for a while. He told me if he is to hold one, he would name it “Faridah.”


Nakazibwe was further asked to explain why the reason as to why she decided to put Bruno K in the friend zone despite both being single and very close to the extent of shouldering responsibility for his daughter. She mentioned that it was difficult to guess someone’s intentions so she would rather stay clear from that kind of thing.

It’s difficult to have a relationship in this industry because you can’t know someone’s intention once they approach you


Leticia Nambaziira

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