It seems like singer Martha Mukisa also took this kwetega thing so seriously. Just as we were recovering from irene Ntale showing interest in the hot Kyabazinga of busoga, Martha has given us level by pin pointing fellow singer Fik Fameika as her point of interest. The Black Magic Entertainment lead star seems to be trying to worm her way into Fik Fameica’s loaded pockets, days after the talented rapper collected millions of cash from his successful concert at Hotel Afrikana last Friday.

The power-packed concert attracted hundreds of revellers from all city corners, who came through to witness the Fresh Buoy do his thing live on stage. Unlike his previous concert at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds four years ago, which turned out a total flop, this one had record breaking numbers as the venue was filled to capacity, something that has been attributed to the advertisement and presence of the ghetto gladiator Bobi Wine. The Fresh Buoy is undoubtedly swimming in a pool of dollars as we speak.

But Just like any other smart city babe, Martha Mukisa has smelt money from a far like a shark smelling blood and has decided to kwetega. This has been noticed to be one of those small points of information, which she has directed towards Fik Fameika that she is available to mingle if at all he has any interest whatsoever in her. Netizens have also noticed this and commented on how smoothly she is achieving her goal of trying to get Fik to notice

She further disclosed to Galaxy FM’s Poko Poko presenter, Florah Show, that she has always been obsessed with Fik Fameica’s music, fashion sense, style and looks, a reason she crushes on him. She mentioned that in the industry, no one has his style and no one ever will beat it since he is a unique brand.

I like his music but I am obsessed with him. I have a crush on him,” she confessed.

Martha Mukisa.

Leticia Nambaziira

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