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Singer Carol Nantongo mentions that singer Eddy Kenzo has many women swarming around him like bees.

The ‘Eddy Kenzo sweep‘ has officially been declared. In the recent past, many fans of Eddy Kenzo have been pressuring him into finding a replacement for baby mama Rema Namakula, something that he has turned a blind eye to many of the times.

This has not stopped Netizen’s from match making him with many different women including the beautiful Lydia Jazmine. He has always however come out to disclose that he is as single as ever and is not ready to make any moves on any belles yet.

Recently, during an interview with Galaxy FM, singer carol Nantongo came out and mentioned that Eddy Kenzo apparently has very many women dying to be close to him and he has them lining up, dying for his attention. This came after she was told that she would make a perfect match for singer Eddy Kenzo.

When you look at a man like Kenzo, can you tell me he has no woman? Can he fail to get a woman? That man has a lot of women… there are a lot of women that like him

Carol Nantongo

When she was asked to name some of the women who were on the back of the international star, she immediately zipped up and said she was not ready to reveal national secrets ans she would rather not go deep into this conversation.

Kenzo, who is one of the most successful artistes in Uganda, has not publicly declared his relationship status ever since being heartbroken by Rema Namakula in 2019 after she left him for Dr Hamza Sebunya, who was still a medical student at Makerere University.

This break up must have hurt so much since Kenzo has never made another attempt to date another woman after Rema Namakula.

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