In a short clip that has already gone viral, Zari Hassan our beautiful socialite is seen telling the world how everyone on earth wants to be in love and feel loved by someone they call their own. Zarı mentions that there are people that have turned it into a habit to downplay her every time she parades a new lover.

She notes that such people also want to feel that kind of love she always receives but they just wont admit it. Zarı mentioned that life always feels sweet when you have someone who checks up on you and whispers sweet nothings in your ears that can motivate and light up your day and she therefore cannot understand how that makes other people angry.

Zarı with GK Choppa

In this world, no one doesn’t want to be in love or feel loved where someone checks up on you to know whether you have had something to eat or how your day is going.


Zari stung critics who always get irritated by the viral videos that she shares during her romantic moments with her loved ones. She boldly told whoever cared to listen to go to Lake Victoria and get their ill fortunes washed off so that they get could get people to love them as well.

Some of you have a bad omen that no one even tries to sweet-talk you, not even boda-boda guys. You should go and get the bad omen washed off you at Lake Victoria


She cheekily furthermore urged women to post their loved ones like she does if they are not dating other women’s husbands. She mentioned that they clearly can’t because they fear they will be poured acid by the men’s wives.

Zari with baby daddy

The problem with most of you who are criticizing me is that you are in relationships with other people’s husbands. You can’t post or slay with them online because you fear you will be exposed and attacked with acid.


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