On Saturday, Douglas Lwanga’s Purple Party sold out at University Inn in Mbarara. This was not shocking because he had it well organised and everything was in proper order for the Purple party proceedings.

One of the things that caught people’s attention and made the party such a huge success was the huge line-up of Uganda’s top artists like Lydia Jazmine, Feffe Buusi, Karole Kasita, western Uganda artists like Ray G, and Truth 256 among others. This made the event attracted large numbers of party goers.

Unfortunately, some of the Western-based artists were denied stage time at the last minute for unknown reasons. It seamed however that other artistes took a lot of time on stage performing and this affected the stage time of the western Uganda artiste known as Truth 256. The artist did not even get to perform at all unfortunately.

This simply meant that other artists were priotised over a few other artistes, rendering the latter less important This did not go well with Ray G however,who is also a western Uganda artist. The “Omusheshe” hitmaker was therefore forced to come out and voice his grievances. He therefore cautioned organizers to stop disrespecting them, especially at home.

Ray G mentioned that he had fumed because Truth 256 was denied a chance to perform, yet he had been announced as one of the performers. This moreover happened in his home town, meaning he is quite popular there. Ray G argued that this could make him lose a percentage of his fan base because they would think he did not perform simply because he was showing off.

Leticia Nambaziira

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