Unlike what everyone believes that singer Jose Chameleone had a bitter split with his wife Daniella Atım, he is proving otherwise as he was seen over the weekend reunited with his family in the United States Of America after a while of being apart.

For months now, rumours had it that Jose Chamaleone and his wife Daniella Atim had already called it quits.The hearsay was further fuelled by the most recent saga between Weasel and his wife Sandra Teta, where Daniella intervened in the matter, exposing the singer’s dirty linen.

Netizens were assured that it was over for the couple since she was attacking her own brother in law. As weasel struggled to clear his name, Daniella teamed up with Mama Ghetto to tarnish it further. Netizens believed she could never do this if they were still one family.

Going by the photos making rounds on social media, however, all seems to be well between Daniella and Jose Chameleone as the pair were cited enjoying each other’s company in San Fransisco.

Following Chameleon’s jetting into the USA to attend the UNAA Convention in San Francisco, he got time off his busy schedule and reunited with his family. This has left Netizen’s tongue tied as they could not find anything else to say considering the fact that the break up was miscalculated by many online in laws.

Leticia Nambaziira

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