Renown rapper Geresom Wabuyu alias Gravity Omutujju has forever been known to be a tough artiste who does his best to beat all odds and rise above all criticisms. He has bever been known to bow to pressure and has always been confrontational especially when faced with ny issues.

The rapper has however shown a softer side which many of his fans never expected to even see in him. During a press conference that was held on Monday at Lugogo Cricket Oval, he reveals that he was on the verge of cancelling his concert at the 11th hour due to the negative energy of haters.

He further mentioned that the organizers who were in charge of organising his concert were not the very best of people as they haboured ill intentions towards him and instead of promoting him, they were working towards bringing him down.

Many people don’t like me. I was going to cancel the concert due to negative energy. The organizers of my concert (Nobat Events) wanted to kill my career but I saw through their plans


The Singer went ahead and banned Nobat Events from organizing his concerts slated for October 1 at the Cricket Oval over breach of contract. He is therefore not about to cancel his concert but however he changed the organizers of his concert.

This is not the first time Gravity has shown a weakness however because back in 2021 he opened up about how he also almost quit music following Winnie Nwagi’s revelation of being fed up of music. He mentioned that if he had another option of a career, he would surely drop music once and for all.

Leticia Nambaziira

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