Netizens will surely never see Heaven with the small things they notice. Social media has been in a buzz ever since an innocent picture of two long term friends hit the internet. It seemed like an innocent picture until Netizen’s decided to zoom in and make a big deal out of it ans it seemed to unsettle many Netizen’s.

For starters, Messe Bontwe is among the few selected media personalities who jetted to the United States (US) recently to attend and cover the annual Ugandan North American Association (UNAA) Convention in San Francisco. Just like Jose Chameleon, he was also invited to attend the convention and so was his long term friend Flavia Namulidwa, who is also termed as the smiling machine.

Messe’s magicc rod that has caused a stir.

At the event, Flavia Namulidwa happened to meet her long time colleagues and pals such as Joseph Sseguya and former Amarula Family member, Messe Bontwe real names, Mpiire Nicolas. It was a joyous moment for these people who were able to fly in since Flavia had previously relocated to USA for work.

Since it has been long without seeing each other, the friends decided to take a picture to record memories of their meet up. The picture in question has become viral and has been cited by different people who took an interest in one fact from the picture.

When looking at the picture, many Netizen’s noticed rhe huge bulge in Messe’s trouser . They could not help but comment on how massive it was, with some even concluding that he must have hidden a bottle in his trousers.

Messe’s rod has left many bothered and unsettled as they have been commenting about it since the picture hit the internet with some zooming in on the picture and circling the magic rod for emphasis. Since then, ladies have not stopped throwing praises his way for his endowments.

Leticia Nambaziira

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