Presenter Ann Taylor recently announced her resignation from Bukedde TV through her social media platforms. She has been working with the company for a period of eight years while hosting the “Akayisanyo” program.

Ann Taylor is reported to have joined Bukedde in 2014 and she hosted the show with Afande Kelele who is now based in Canada after leaving the country a few years ago. She was therefore left by Kelekele and she has been handling the show quite well until she finally decided it was time for her to leave.

She however thanked her bosses for the beautiful opportunity they offered her to work with the company and the support rendered to help her career growth. She noted that quitting Bukedde TV is not the end of her journey in media as she will be communicating her next move anytime soon.

Hardest decision to make is resigning actually I don’t know how to write this but dear Vision Group thank you so much for the great opportunity that you gave me in 2014 till 2022 5th September during my time with you

Ann Taylor

She mentioned that she has indeed learned a lot during this journey as a vision group presenter and she could never regret joining Bukedde TV because it has aided in her career growth.

I have achieved a lot and learned so much. I can say I don’t regret having joined the company to all my colleagues, thank you for the support in various ways and helping me to grow in my career.

Ann Taylor

she went ahead to thank all her fans and everyone that tuned in to watch the show, saying she will forever be grateful to them. She mentioned however that even if her journey with Bukedde is ending, her journey in the media is still ongoing and she will tell her fans her next move then.

To my fans who tuned in to watch akayisanyo program every Monday to Friday mwebale nyo but my journey with Bukedde Tv 1 am sorry to say but it has come to an end, but not my journey in media.I will soon communicate my next move thank you all for the beautiful 8 years on Bukedde TV.

Ann Taylor

Leticia Nambaziira

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