Singer Ziza Bafana has resumed his verbal attacks against Gagamel boss, Bebe Cool. For a while now, the battle has been between Bebe Cool and King Saha where the latter has accused the former of being very selfish to an extent of receiving money for musicians but using it to grow his own belly fat.

Now it seems that bafana, who has been silent for a while now has re owned the battle and is now at the battle front, hurling attack after attack on singer Bebe Cool. Bafana claimed Bebe Cool solely received money from president Museveni on behalf of the music industry but he instead invested in his private ventures. Shockingly, Saha was accusing him of the same.

He also alleged Bebe Cool privatized the music studios and all equipment he bought on behalf of the industry, yet they were meant to be owned by all the musicians under Uganda Musician’s Association. He said his selfishness is beyond his control and he needs to be stopped.

Some people use the industry for their selfish interests. Bebe Cool gets money on behalf of the industry but puts it into his private ventures. He set up the studio and all the equipment at his home thus making it a private venture


Bafana also urged musicians to shun the current Uganda Musician leadership (UMA) leadership headed by Cindy Sanyu because it was also not doing anything profitable for the music industry and are just wasting time.

Leticia Nambaziira

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