Rapper Gravity Omutujju has come out to mention that he will never leave the comfort of his home to go out to perform when he has not been cleared to zero balance and he believes that is the best decision he has made in his life.

The decision has been influenced by the new vice of events promoters’ failure to honour the agreements they make with artists prior to the performances. Gravity mentioned that in many cases, promoters do not keep their word about handing over the balance after the performance and in the end, musicians lose out.

Being one of the victims of this promoters’ vice, Gravity has revealed that he will no longer run after promoters over his balance. The Money minded musician maintained that henceforth, he will be leaving his home after being fully paid.

A few weeks back, Gravity Omutujju appeared in a short video clip urging the promoter to clear his balance.While remarking on why he behaved in such a manner, the singer stressed that he had to inform his supporters of what had happened before the promoter played the victim and threw the blame to Gravity.

He further cautioned security officials against conniving with promoters and humiliating musicians at concerts. Gravity then narrated an incident in Kyazanga, where he went to perform but he was still demanding the promoter and yet security officials forced him to perform yet he was still demanding his balance.The singer urged these corrupt officials to respect their uniforms, and do what is expected of them.

Leticia Nambaziira

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