The law of the jungle is indeed survival. Kill or be killed has been the law since time immemorial and many artists in the jungle known as the music industry wont just let themselves fall off high cliffs just to put on a show or anything but rather, they find various means of survival and continuity.

Gravity Omutujju seems to be one of the artistes that are trying to survive out there. With his show coming up in just a few weeks, Gravity seems to have come up with marketing strategies to promote his concert and earn big from it.

Having witnessed the success of Fik Fameica’s concert due to the advertisement by the ghetto gladiator Bobi Wine, Gravity is looking for a way to get himself recognized by Bobi wine in order to have him endorse his upcoming concert.

Gravity shared a video on social media while on a road ride with his daughter Wabuyi Jennifer talking about school and education. He frantically quizzes her on different questions and she, in return answered his questions quite sharply. His daughter looked very smart answering all questions up until Gravity asked her the definition of government.

The daughter frankly told Gravity that they haven’t studied anything about government and he was so quick to give her the answer. Gravity went ahead and told his daughter that the definition of government is Bobi Wine at large and that should be the answer she tells everyone who asks her the same question. (What a cliche right?)

Netizens have not stopped commenting on this video as some have already seen through his act and have not feared to comment about it, calling Gravity opportunistic but can’t a man try to make a living?

Leticia Nambaziira

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