Weasel must have been abandoned by his ancestral spirits because lately, nothing is working out in his favor. Weasel narrowly survived a terrible beating by angry Boda Boda guys after knocking their colleague. It is reported that he was involved in an accident where he knocked a bida boda guy but an entire mob of bida vida guys were ready to teach him a lesson, had the police not intervened to save him.

Apparently, the accident happened in Makindye, on Thursday, near the Military Barracks. It is said that Weasel , who was cruising his sparkling white Toyota Land Cruiser V8 that was gifted to him by elder brother, Jose Chameleone at a terribly fast speed, lost control and subsequently knocked a Boda Boda guy, who was sitting on his Bajaj bike at the roadside as he waited to get paid by a passenger he had just dropped off.

Speaking to the media personel, Major Steven Tumwesigye, the Spokesperson of Military Police in Kampala Metropolitan, explained that much as it was a minor road accident, Weasel’s Japanese-made machine hit the Boda guy off the road and he landed into a trench, sustaining injuries as well.

Maj. Tumwesigye also stressed that the victim was only saved by the helmet, and as a result, Weasel’s front car was shuttered, with the bumper and headlights getting dismantled and falling off. Tumwesigye says that following the incident, the fully charged Boda Boda gang stormed the scene, pointing their fingers at Weasel in anger, with the intention of lynching him but the cops from the Barracks swung into action to save the situation.

Weasel was then taken away from the mob that wanted to give him a little taste of justice and his car was towed away to safety as well. It is said that he spent the night in the prison cellar for fear of being beaten to death if he stepped out of the police station into the night.

Leticia Nambaziira

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