On 8th September 2022, marked exactly one year ever since the celebrated Dj who was popularly known as DJ Emma breathed his last and was laid to rest inhis final resting place at his ancestral home in Namutumba.

His former workmates, media personalities, relatives, and fans commemorated the day, including controversial businessman Lwasa Emmanuel. This is when the tycoon came out to address a few issues that hurt his soul in regards to the late DJ’s family.

The Masaka-based businessman Emmanuel Lwasa turned his guns and blamed singer Bebe Cool for abandoning late Dj Emma’s son whom he promised to pay for his school fees. Following the death of the late CBS FM’s DJ Emma, Bebe Cool while attending his funeral pledged to pay school fees for his elder son for a period of five years.

Bebe Cool further urged fellow artists like Bobi Wine and Jose Chameleone to chip in whatever they could to see that the late DJ Emma’s children keep in school. Everyone appreciated this gesture of kindness to support he deceased’s family. It is sad however that Bebe failed to fulfill his promise, according to Lwasa.

In Lwasa’s commemoration message, he revealed that Bebe Cool has never contributed anything towards the late Emma’s son’s school fees, and up to now the kid is still stranded at home. Lwasa added that no one forced this responsibility onto Bebe Cool but he rather took it on himself but has failed to fulfill it.

Being the aspiring UMA president, Lwasa further urged King Saha to get time off his busy schedule and pay a visit to late Emma’s kids because they do need help.

Leticia Nambaziira

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