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Woman rejects monetary gift from singer Ziza Bafana claiming he wants to sacrifice her.

A few days back, Ziza Bafana celebrated his birthday and instead of spending money Lavishly on himself and spoiling himself, he decided to make the day count by giving back to the less privileged groups of people since many people are out there dying of hunger and with no one to support them.

Among the people he extended his assistance to was a woman who left everyone shocked after she rejected the money that was given to her. However much she looked like she needed the money, she hurriedly turned it down and refused the free offer.

According to Bafana, the lady was in urgent need of the money, since one of her kids was very sick and she couldn’t foot the medical bills. He then quickly pulled out UGX 30K and handed it to the woman to help her but upon realizing that Bafana and his colleagues were taking photos and recording videos of her, the lady revealed that she was scared before asking whether the money was given to her in good faith.

Bafana explained to the lady that he is a singer from Kampala and the money was a gift from God with no hidden motive attached to it. He tried to explain that he was only trying to help her because God had instructed him to do it.

This, however, did not change the perspective the woman had already perceived, as she asked the singer to take his money and pleaded not to be killed. She thought he was offering her money so that he could sacrifice her to his gods. It took a few minutes of convincing, for the woman to accept the money and revealed that she will use it to foot her kid’s medical bills.

The video clip which has been going viral since then has generated mixed reactions among internet users. Whereas some have heaped praises on bafana for having a generous heart and giving to people on the day he is supposed to receive gifts, some have blamed the singer for rewarding people with the camera turned on, a sign of showing off according to them.

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