Rapper Recho Rey made her breakthrough back in early 2018 when she featured on the “Who is Who” rap song trend. Since then, she blended in perfectly with her fans appreciating her songs one after the other. She adapted a new style, and personality and went ahead to drop hit songs for her fans and followers.

The issue however is that Recho has been struggling to have a hit song on the chart but so far, it has been next to impossible yet all her songs have been appreciated by her fans and the general public.

The Beautiful “Black Girl Fly” insists that the music industry is dominated by witchcraft which has turned out to be the reason why most musicians are pushed out and some few remain in the industry. She mentioned that a particular group of musicians use witch craft just to stay on top and be very famous, something that denies chance to real talent to flourish.

The industry is full of witchcraft. Some artists use juju to keep on top,

Recho Rey

Recho Rey is not the first Ugandan artist to claim that Ugandan music is dominated by sorcery. There was also a time when Songwriter and musician Nince Henry confirmed most musicians use juju to remain relevant in the industry.

According to him, he felt he had to warn his friend Spice Diana to leave her residential area in Makindye because that was apparently the source of witch craft and that every artiste that came from there was quite questionable. He did not elaborate more on it but he warned her to leave before she got any issues.

Leticia Nambaziira

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