Having started as a gossip girl on Spark TV’s Livewire, Zahara Toto moved to NBS/Sanyuka TV’s Uncut in 2018 alongside Annatalia Oze who has since quit the show. For a long time now, she has been the people’s favorite and the show has been going great because of her gossiping skills. It is very hard to imagine the uncut show without Zahara Toto and this is what has scared her fans as well.

Well, word indicates that Zahara is finally hanging her boots up. It is rumored that Zahara Toto will nolonger be attending to her gossip ninjas but will rather be replaced by fellow gossip machine Precious Remmie who will take over to fill in the gap that Zahara will be leaving.

Precious Remmie was just recently poached from Spark TV. When news of her quitting came out, no one knew she was still venturing into to presenting as everyone thought they had lost precious Remmie but in the end, it turns out she was just changing stations and not careers so cheer up y’all, your gossip icon is here to stay.

Different sources have revealed that Zahara Toto will quit the gossip show, Uncut to concentrate on her deejaying career. Having rebranded herself as a DJ, it must be tough blending in more so with going between presenting Uncut and deejaying so Zahara has decided to focus on her newly found career as DJ Zato.

We hope it will work out with Zahara as she so anticipates and we congratulate Precious Remmie on the milestone as we continue to pray that all goes as planned for them.

Leticia Nambaziira

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