Chagga, who was among the first performers in Chameleone’s music group and always hang out at his studio, sai Chameleone had an entirely bad habit of shelving songs, a practice that saw lots of budding singers lose their projects from his studio.

Despite the fact that he was a good producer, he kept many songs that were brought to him by budding artistes to a point that they would even be forgotten. The same almost happened to the late Radio’s first song, Jennifer, which was produced by Chameleon from Leone Island.

According to chagga, he told Chameleon to priotise that song because he saw a lot of talent in the artiste when he listened to the song but Chameleon had a long term habit of shelving songs so he shelved it and never gave it a lot of thought. Chagga mentioned that Radio was a very patient gentleman as he waited upon results from his song without ceasing.

Radio brought that song and I told Chameleone let’s work on his song. But the song was shelved for so long. That kid was even very patient… Joseph had a habit of sitting on songs maybe he would be suspicious, I don’t know,”


Chagga mentioned that so many songs were always brought in but they were never produced because the producer was always skeptical about it. He even mentioned that it entirely took a whole year before the song was even produced since it kept appearing and disappearing in the studio.

Because a lot of songs were brought for production and they were never released. They disappeared. That song was delayed. Chameleone is the one who produced it. But before producing, it would disappear, then re-appear, and it went on like that for a while. I think it took a year or so.


Chagga said he first met Radio at his brother’s salon in Ndeba, a Kampala city suburb. He mentioned that his brother tried to talk to chagga about radio whom he called very talented but Chagga never paid it any thought until he met Radio personally as he drew an artwork of chagga himself using a pen and this is when he gave him a chance to meet him at the studio.

Chagga, Weasel, King Saha, Pallaso, Radio and AK 47 were among the first artists in Chameleone’s music camp.Weasel and Radio however decided to make a duo and this is how goodlyfe crew was birthed.

Leticia Nambaziira

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