Winnie Nwagi’s father, Henry Kabiito, said his daughter’s well-attended concert made home even prouder of his daughter than he had ever been before. According to him, this success at her concert just offered her an opportunity to get back at people who were hating on her.

Henry was quick to mention that he knew that many people hated on his daughter and they were not happy about the massive turn up at her concert because they were eagerly waiting for it to flop and rub it in her face that everyone hated her hence they did not show up for her concert.

When bombarded by journalists and asked what he felt, seeing his daughter up there, he mentioned that he was over joyed because it took real courage for anyone to pull off such a performance like a real pro. Accordimg to him, he felt really good looking at the massive turn up. He mentioned that everything that was said before that his daughter was the people’s least favorite was all just a total lie.

I feel so overjoyed. Look around and see, what can’t you see? That means what you’ve always said, that they don’t like her, they like her and there is value in what she is doing.she shamed her haters

Henry Kabiito

Kabiito also praised Swangz Avenue, the record label that manages her, for optimising his daughter’s talent. He thanked the label for grooming Nwagi and believing in her talent before anyone else believed in her.

The crowd in attendance at the fire baby concert

And I thank Swangz Avenue so much for turning her into what she is, and for her to be able to prove her critics wrong,


It is no surprise that Henry is overjoyed because in previous interviews, the singer always said her father is one of her biggest fans and he is a very supportive parent who listens to and enjoys her music. When everyone was taking aim at her for bad public etiquette, it was he that stood his ground and defended her wholesomely.

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