Bebe cool released his new song titled ‘Nyege Nyege‘ last week but shockingly, most people who have come out to talk about the song have trashed it and called it garbage. They have concluded that it belongs to the dustbin and should never top the charts. Shockingly however, the song is currently trending at number 7 with a very big amount of views.

According to blogger Isma Olaxess however, he thinks that the song was just targeting the Nyege Nyege Festival. The blogger added that Bebe Cool is quite popular when it comes to doing project songs and seems to have been paid for this one too.

This song surprised many as it was released in the Amapiano genre that Bebe Cool criticized a while ago, saying it was nit meant to trend in ugandna and that Uganda needed to focus on its own style to succeed musically. Bebe Cool even criticized the likes of B2C who had a song titled ‘Okay‘ in the same genre. This also forced one of the group’s singers, Mr Lee to come out and criticize Bebe Cool for eating his own vomit when he criticized their song yet he also did the same genre for his new song.

Bebe Cool usually does project songs and we can all remember his NRM and COVID-19 songs. I think even this Nyege Nyege song was just targeting the festival. Once its done, the song won’t go far. It’s a good song in production but I don’t think it will go far after this festival.


However, according to Isma, about Bebe Cool criticizing Amapiano, he defended him by saying that by then he could have thought that maybe the genre was going to be adopted and made mainstream, something that they wouldn’t like as musicians.

I think by then he thought Uganda artists were trying to make Amapiano mainstream in Uganda reason he criticized it


Leticia Nambaziira

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