Early this month, September, singer Bebe Cool released his latest song dubbed ‘Nyege Nyege‘, which has been hyped on the internet by a few of his die hard fans. The song has earned a huge number of views and is currently ranked at number seven on the charts.

It should however be noted that very many critics have trashed this song however much it has haberde a huge number of views and Bebe Cool is already earning big from it. The song was made in the popular South African beats, Amapiano, which have been adopted by many artistes in Africa and the world over.

Despite being released at the right time, targeting the Nyege Nyege festival that is currently happening in Jinja, the song has been dissed by many people on the internet, including B2C’s Mr Lee. It should be remembered that in 2021, Bebe dissed their Amapiano song that was dubbed ‘It’s Okay.’. Bebe mentioned that the trio was dying to get to the international market with that Amapiano song yet money was in their own country and they only needed to make songs gitting into the taste of Ugandans rather than Amapiano.

They had that song Gutujja. It was a big song and I’m sure they can perform across Uganda with that. I can’t say the same about It’s Okay. They want to capture the international market, but I can tell you, money is here. They should focus on what makes them stars here

Bebe Cool

Guess what! It is now the other way round as Mr. Lee from the B2C trio came out to diss singer Bebe Cool about his choice to release his new song in the Amapiano style. Mr. Lee reminded Bebe how he had dissed their song but yet he is now the one borrowing the style to release a new song.

There is a big man who once out of his tight schedule made time for an interview to abuse our Amapiano song, It’s Okay. He convinced the viewers how Amapiano was a very bad style to try out in Uganda. Oba he shifted to South Africa kubanga so far he has two Amapiano songs out

Mr. Lee

Leticia Nambaziira

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