For months now, Michelle and Abba have been appearing in various posts shared by their parents close together, enjoying each other’s company. Recently when Jose Chameleon was set to attend the convention in USA, he was able to spare some time to reunite with his family and in the photos that were taken on this family reunion, Michelle was also present, something that left Netizens wondering why she was with the Mayanja family.

The pair’s closeness, however, generated rumours among netizens suggesting that the two could be an item and that they could be dating. Considering that their parents are sometimes aware of the two being close and also the fact that the parents keep posting pictures of the pair’s closeness, rumor arose that the parents could have okayed the love story between the two teenagers.

On Friday morning, an Instagram account allegedly belonging to Abba Marcus shared a photo via an Instagram story, portraying the 18-year-old boy locking lips with Michelle in a romantic manner.

According to the photo, it was seemingly captured on one of the funfilled nights, as the pair was having a good time on the streets of the USA, maybe as they walked back home from an outing somewhere or as they left home for an outing somewhere.

The teenage pair locking lips.

The photo which has since gone viral, has generated a serious debate on social media, with netizens questioning whether the celebrity parents gave their kids a green light to date. Some Netizen’s have gone ahead to rule this out as immorality because two young children should not be following such adults’ trends and also locking lips in public.

Another section of Netizens believes such a relationship will not last long simply because what is going on between the youngsters could just be a moment of attraction and may not turn into something serious at all.

Leticia Nambaziira

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