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Keko returns to the industry with a new fresh album dubbed ‘Light years’

Just as the Canada-based Ugandan female rapper Joycelyn Tracey Keko widely known as Keko was thought to be a gone case by many neyizens, she has sprung back to the life of a diva, more youthful than ever as she has returned to the recording booth, releasing her newest single dubbed ‘Light years.’

Keko, after a long silence reapperead looking worse than an earthquake. Her appearance was haggered and she looked like she was in a sorry state to begin with. When she made a live feed on instagram, she was locked in her aprtment in Canada, sipping on an expensive liquor and coughing her lungs out. Many fans could not refrain from asking what was happening to her via the comment section.

Keko when she appeared in a live feed looking quagmire

Authorities came out to run to her rescue but she was still the talk of Kampala as many were worrued about her deterioration. Keko yet again disappeared and has been quiet for a while now. Many believed, or rather hoped that she was in therapy this entire time

The truth of the matter is that ever since Keko lost her recording contract with Sony Music following the poor sales of her debut album, her music career has never been the same. Her album sales did not go as anticipated so She decided to place her career on hold before traveling to Canada, where she attended Toronto’s Film School and graduated in 2019.

A few days ago however, Keko took to Instagram and revealed that she has something new for her fans. This is when she dropped the news that she would be releasing her new album entitled ‘light years,’ . She revealed that it is her new music project.

Keko looking fresh

Despite the fact that keko has been away for a while, when you listen to this album, her lyrics and flow are still top notch if not way better than before and she still has that confidence laced in her vocals. We only hope for more from the returned diva.

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