The famous man of God Pastor Bugingo was the chairman of good men up until recently when he decided to go back on his own words, abandoning his wife of very many years for a younger and fresher bae, Suzan Makula. According to his past preachings, bugingo always said he was against men who abandoned their wives who were with them through the tough times only to marry women who are only after their money.

Just as he was acting as the good man, he left his wife Teddy Naluswa for a new belle Suzan Makula. His excuses for leaving his wife only angered the public more as he claimed he with with Teddy for a while but her body odor was quite unbearable as she kept bleeding even way after her periods, just like the woman who touched Jesus’ cloak in the bible.

Teddy Naluswa

As if that was not enough to anger the public, he went ahead to hold a traditional function with his new bride Suzan, leaving Teddy in fresh tears. Now as the storm was calming down gor Bugingo with the recent court case he won against ex wife Teddy, Latest reports indicate that the pastor was not only cheating on Naluswa with Makula but also with reknown gospel singer Judith Babirye.

Famous Facebook blogger known as Senga Acid has today morning claimed that the pastor is a renowned play boy who goes around sleeping with as many women as he pleases. She went ahead to mention that the youngest child of Judith Babirye whom she claimed was fathered by former Member of Parliament Hon. Ssebulime Paul Musoke was actually fathered by Pastor Aloysius Bugingo.

Bugingo and fresh bae Makula

That baby that Judith Babirye last had is for pastor Bugingo

senga Acid

In addition to that, another Ugandan lady who has been identified as Namugera has come out to say that the pastor was sleeping with her friend and promised to marry her as well. This happened while the pastor was already dating Makula implying that he has been cheating on her as well. According to Namugera, her friend received a car from the Pastor as a promissory gift for their marriage.

Judith and honorable

Leticia Nambaziira

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