Faridah nakazibwe is currently wiping tears after the mega loses she hasbeen plunged into with the way The Greater Masaka Fete flopped on her with very limited numbers and a small turn up. Despite all the effort she put into organizing for this event, it did not turn out quite as well as many people expected and left her mildly disappointed.

Faridah however hasn’t lost the hope as she acknowledged that the start is never easy and it is never the determinant of one’s success. She mentioned that there are always ups and downs and also hard start offs but that does not mean a person has to quit. This event happened over the weekend at the Masaka Recreational Grounds. And with Greater Masaka having more than 5 districts plus some of the most distinguished personalities in the country, it was expected that people would grace it in huge numbers.

Another anticipation was that many individuals love Faridah Nakazibwe as well as her TV character while she presents the mwasuze mutya program. Since she seems like a down to earth lady especially for the program she does, all these factors were expected to be an incentive in pulling people but still none of that seemed to matter at the moment.

The event was shockingly advertised for over a month, with catchy notices and all and with Some of the best entertainers expected to grace the inauguration of the event. This surely looked like a total win for faridah. This was until the much anticipated day arrived and the event which was expected to have thousands of people only had a handful of them.

This automatically earned the gorgeous TV presenter a lot of criticism from netizens as some criticised her for organizing an event while the major nyege Nyege was ongoing, something they branded thoughtless. Faridah however came out and appreciated everyone who took part in organizing this concert.

A special thank you to everyone who supported the #GreaterMasakaFete. We did our best and acknowledge that the start is never smooth. Thank you to our sponsors, service providers, artists, organising team and attendees who believe in the initiative. I am proud of you all,


Leticia Nambaziira

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