Zarı very recently posted a video online which since then has gone very viral. In the video, Zarı mentioned that her lover Shakib demands to meet her father in a bid to ask for his permission to marry her. As she went on to taunt critics who had earlier on saud that her relationship with the underage boy will not work out,she asked them to try new witch doctors because their current ones are inefficient.

He told me yesterday that he wants to meet my father. He wants to ask for a hand in marriage. Those who were saying it will end in tears I told you go and ask for a refund from your witch doctors, witchcraft didn’t work


Zarı, we must admit has had a wholesome share of men and dating. It is undeniable that in her 41 years of age, she has seen a lot of men and has kissed very many lips, one after the other. Shockingly however, zari believes her current boyfriend, Shakib Lutaaya, is the sweetest man alive.

In a video that is making rounds on social media, Zari is seen showering Shakib with all kinds of praises. Zari says Shakib is a different breed, a piece of bark cloth made from a special tree and he surely is for keeps. She goes ahead to mention that when she met him, she turned into a helpless romantic.

Lutaaya you are sweet and I always cherish you, your sweetness can’t be compared to anything. Ever since I met you, even my skin texture looks romantic,


Zari can never cease to amaze us because she has said this to every man she has chewed and we still wonder how different this young boy is. Zari however is planning to hold a traditional marriage with Shakib Lutaaya very soon.

Leticia Nambaziira

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