The Minister of State for Gender and Culture Peace Regis Mutuuzo has come out and said the process to elect Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) leadership has been delayed because the government wants nationwide participation. It should be remembered that the government twice canceled the elections of UMA leadership after some participants cited election malpractice.

The election’s main leadership battle has been between Cindy Sanyu and King Saha who are vying for the presidency. Mutuuzo however says they need to do better planning before these elections as they never had money to transport voters from remote areas yet it is important for them to also cast their vote

Let’s finish planning properly because we didn’t have money to transport people from across the country to come and participate in the voting. We don’t want only people in Kampala to participate. There are many performers across the country


According to her, they are still registering voters from remote regions to enable proper inclusion in the election process and that means that they need more patience before the UMA elections can surely go on.

We are now registering everyone, including upcoming ones so that they can participate in that democracy… We need to create a platform that facilitates balanced participation, so calm down we will tell you when the campaigns will be held and they will be transparent.


Cindy, citing Section 3 under Article (IV) of UMA, which gives the reigning president the power to appoint all committees of the association, recently unveiled an eight-member interim executive committee, raising suspicion in King Saha’s camp as he mentioned that she wanted to turn into a dictator.

Saha has refused to acknowledge Cindy, who has accused him of trying to split the association. Saha calls himself president, too, though he has said he doesn’t want to protest the current leadership until the government decides.

Leticia Nambaziira

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