According to Victor Kamenyo, he wasn’t fighting with his baby mama but rather he was trying to hold her so she doesn’t run away because she had just seen information on his phone she didn’t like. In a recent trending video, kamenyo loses his iphone as his lover hurls it at the concrete and shatters it to pieces. This sees the two of them in a scuffle as he looks like he is trying to wrestle her down, something he has denied.

That video trended, I got issues with my wife. She saw things on my phone that she didn’t like. She misinterpreted them. shot-tempered, and she can do something terrible when she is annoyed


Kamenyo mentioned that all he was doing was trying to hold his baby mama down to calm her and take her back inside the house. He mentioned that he was worried if she rushed out of the gate that angry, she would hysterically throw herself Infront of a speeding car, something he didnt want to see happen.

I was trying to hold her to take her back in the house and calm her down because it happens a lot. When she is annoyed, she might throw herself in front of a running car,


Kamenyo mentioned that his baby mama was too angry as she broke may things inside the house but she is his woman and he truly loves her with all his heart. He mentioned that ever since they had the fight, he has not seen her or heard from her again yet he would love for her to return to him as soon as possible

I’m calling her but she is not picking up. Now that I have a chance to speak to the media, wherever you are my love, you know our dreams and plans, I love you so much, come back home


Since the rapper has a concert on October 9 and the interviewer wondered whether he was pulling stunts to garner attention and pull crowds to his concert since many artists do twisted things nowdays just to pull fans to their events.

I can’t do a stunt to promote my concert using my wife We have a lot of dreams and plans, and we had even opened a group to talk about our introduction


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