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Fresh Daddy in a fix after he is accused of sexually harrasing a young girl. He had promised to be her music manager.

A woman who has been identified as Ndagire Sharifah, a resident of Gayaza has come out to claim that she has been sexually harrased by struggling singer Fresh Daddy, who had promised her a good music career as her manager. Ndagire claims that after making a video challenge of an upcoming artist known as Sobe, they connected and she opened up to him about her burning desire to pursue a career in music but was unsure of how to get started.

Later, Sobe was kind enough to introduce her to Fresh Daddy, who promised to manage her and help her succeed in life. A day was set for the two to set out and start official work with fresh Daddy as Ndagire’s new manager, something she looked forward to.

Fresh Daddy then put her in his car and cruised up to Busega at one of the small lodges and claimed he wanted to first take a nap before he could proceed with his daily duties. He mentioned that he was too tired to do anything functional so he would only be able to perform his duties well after resting.

He invited Ndagire to join him in the room, claiming it would look weird for her to wait outside, which she did immediately. Ndagire was shocked when Fresh Daddy slammed the door upon her entering and instructed her to take off her clothes if she really wanted him to be her manager.

For fear of something bad happening to her she obeyed and Fresh Daddy pressed her on the bed before achieving his motive. She recollects that after all was said and done, he gave her UGX 10K and pledged another UGX 20K to facilitate her first music project. What a joker.

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