When Singer Papa Cidy left the music scene, there was a cluster of fans that were disappointed with his decision. Many netizens believed that he was obviously calling for his downfall as he left his crew Leon Island. He had always performed alongside Jose Chameleon and of course being signed under his label, they were very good friends who did a few projects together.

Papa Cidy however shocked fans when he walked away from Leon Island, saying his time with the management was over and that he had a lot to do for himself as an artiste. He noted that they treated him like a second-class citizen next to Chameleon, something he did not appreciate so he had to leave.

Chameleon and papa cidy

Some of the promoters used to think that once they hired Chameleone, they had also hired me. They always wanted me to tag along and perform for free,

Papa Cidy

Papa Cidy revealed that as an artiste, he had personal ambitions and when the time was right, he decided to pursue them,hence leaving Leon Island.

Having left, the singer focused on tailoring. While the public criticised him for ‘downgrading’ himself, Papa Cidy felt that being a tailor did not mean that he had lost credibility. He said it’s a job that feeds him and his family and he earns well from it.

What’s wrong with tailoring? I get money from it. I love it. In the community, I pick disadvantaged young people and train them, and their lives have improved. That’s how good tailoring is

Papa Cidy

Leticia Nambaziira

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