Joel Ssenyonyi, the spokesperson for NUP has confirmed that National Unity Platform (NUP) yesterday announced that the party president, bobi Wine has vome up with a strategic campaign of conducting music concerts across the globe, to raise money to rescue Ugandans stuck in the Arabian peninsula.

The president of this political party is currently in South Africa and it is said that he will flag off this campaign by holding several concerts there, to raise money for this cause. Ssenyonyi said many Ugandans are stuck in Arab countries, with no means of coming back home, and that many responsible stakeholders just end on talking, rather than taking immediate steps to make sure these Ugandans return home.

They were flown out of Ugandan to Arab countries, but some of them live as if they are under captivity, while others had their passports illegally seized, they don’t have where to start to return home, they were brutalized, while others had their body organs forcebly extracted, terribly tortured, others end up dying, you must have been watching these things in news,


According to NUP, a huge number of Ugandans in the Midddle East had their passports illegally seized, on top of confiscating their phones to frustrate communications with the outside world. Many of these Ugandans are stuck on several airports without money to fly them back home, and government recently confirmed that the majority of these people were secretly trafficked out of the country.

With all this knowledge, NUP under their president Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine have started a campaign in South Africa aimed at raising money to aid these desperate Ugandans return home. This will be made possible through conducting music concerts, shows, carnivals and festivals in various countries across the world, and the proceeds will be directly channeled to rescuing these stranded Ugandans.

In this campaign, our president Hon. Kyagulanyi Ssentamu will hold some concerts, in several countries around the world like South Africa and all the monies which will be collected from these concerts will go to the aid of these Ugandans stuck abroad to return home


Leticia Nambaziira

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