The most current wave that is taking over Netizens by shock and surprise is the new female Deejays wave. No one has been able to recover from the fact the Television personalities, most especially the young females who have been the life of the party on TV have started venturing into the Deejaying careers.

Recently, Zahara Toto, who had previously attracted a following because of hosting gossip shows on TV like Spark TV and later NBS TV that are always stinging celebrities and exposing their dirty linens, stunned her followers and fans of her ‘lugambo‘ when she decided to become a deejay.

She currently goes by the name of DJ Zato and she has done a mighty wonderful job at keeping crowds entertained. Many times, she has received reactions from betizens claiming she plays mix tapes that belong to other Deejays and plays them as her own, something they believe is cheating because she is taking credit for other Deejays great mix tapes, calling them her own.

The Fresh news on the block is that another Television personality known as Etania Mutoni announced on Friday that her latest endeavour is deejaying. Etania has been known to be a vibe girl of NTV Uganda that wanted to take over a position of a fellow presenter Lynda Dane.

She took to her tweeter to share the wonderful piece of news with her fans and followers, alerting them that this is the new path she has decided to tread and who knows where it could lead her.

Stepping into my DJ era,” she tweeted on Friday evening


Just as expected, many of the comments were good wishes for the new Deejay on the block. We can not deny that there is a section of Netizens who decided to go negative on this, saying that female presenters were starting to make deejaying lose value as they are just flocking the scene without any talent at all but just pure connections.

Leticia Nambaziira

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