Well, I guess we have learned the hard way that being a famous musician does not earn you some few special privileges like walking gracefully into a city bar without paying the entrance fee. Winnie Nwagi is one of the most selling musicians at the moment, but that does guarantee her free access to every venue around the city.

The singer together with her friends attacked Illusion bar in Kololo where they expected to enjoy a lovely time together. As they attempted to walk past the bouncer without paying the entrance dues, they were halted and demanded to pay the fee. Simply speaking, Nwagi was denied access to the illusion bar in Kololo after they refused to pay the entrance fee.

We all know Nwagi is a star but she must respect people’s business, showing up with over 5 people and you want them to be excused of the entrance fee is absurd


When the manager was called in, he declined her requests. She even went ahead and made calls but no one cared to listen an eagle eyed reveler however mentioned that Winnie Nwagi believes the bouncers should have allowed her to enter the nightclub because her music is played at the hangout.

This was confirmed when Nwagi recorded a video as she was fuming over the conduct of he manager of illusion bar as well as the bouncer. She mentioned that she deserved the privillage because they played her music at their bar.

These guys play my music but they asked me to pay the entrance fee. We need to do better,


Leticia Nambaziira

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