Suzan makula has come out to say that Pastor Jessica Kayanja, wife to reknown pastor Robert Kayanja may have been right in referring to her as a prostitute. Pastor Jessica wasn’t happy when Makula started dating Pastor Aloysius Bugingo.

Pastor Bugingo was married to Teddy Naluswa until his romance with Makula went public in 2019. Jessica, who was on Nasulwa’s side, was quoted in the media slamming Makula, whom she observed had a questionable history. According to her, what Bugingo did when he abandoned his wife who has been with him through thick and thin was very wrong.

Susan Makula, who is a single mother of one son, dropped out of Makerere University in her second year after becoming pregnant. In need of finances to look after her child, she landed a job at The Pyramids Casino and Restuarant in Kampala, where she waited tables. This also exposed her to the wild life of Kampala’s wealthy men and uninhibited fun in city hangouts.

I was transferred to Pyramid, a branch to Kampala Casino where I met rich men who used to give a tip of as high as Shs7m,

Suzan Makula

At one point, Makula, who also worked in radio, was a member of Bebe Cool’s Gagamel Crew. This seemed to have made a great foundation for Jessica’s criticism. Suzan mentioned that Jessica could have been right about her criticism towards her and she mentioned that she would reserve her comments and not say anything bad about her.

That woman, first of all, as I told you, I don’t talk about people. She’s a woman of God. Madam Jessica Kayanja is anointed. Since I read the Bible, I can’t attack her. It’s not abusing, no, she could be right about me

suzan Makula

On people who abuse her and call her a husband snatcher, she said that she noticed some people earn from abusing her and speaking ill of her so she would not stand in the way of their earning or income generation. Makula therefore stood firm and mentioned that she only minds her business and her mouth

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