Nina Roz real names Nina Kankunda and Beenie Gunter born Cresent Baguma were for long referred to as BFF (Best Friends for Life). Every one in the industry knew about the unbreakable bond between the two musicians as they were always everywhere together, be it at different hangouts.

During their friendly moments, the two often performed together, resulting into a collabo. Even when they had to perform at different functions or concerts, they would always support each other as they always turned up for the events together.

To the dismay of many of their fans however, the pair then had a bitter split over a misunderstanding none would talk about. Even when prompted by the media to address their issues,they remained adamant about the entire issue and refused to say why they were nolonger in talking terms.

Considering however, that it was during their feud that Nina Roz introduced Daddy Andre to her parents, many netizens alleged that their dispute could have stemed from this particular issue of Nina dating André.

The good news however is that the two have decided to let bygones be bygones and are back, not just on talking terms. The two are back on proffesional terms as well as they can even stand on the same stage and sing together, fans are also hopeful that there is more to the reunion than just a friendship.

Their fans were taken by surprise when Nina Roz invited Beenie Gunter to the stage to perform their collabo International Bae at H2O Lounge in Kololo on Monday night. This comes after the two had spent one year without seeing eye-to-eye.

Leticia Nambaziira

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