Recently, Rapper Victor Kamenyo was involved in a harsh fight with his girlfriend and a clear video of him running after her as she attempted to leave has been going viral since then. In the video, he is seen fighting over a phone with her as he tries to grab it from her but unfortunately she threw it down and it shattered to pieces.

Victor came out to mention that this was because she had seen flirting messages in his phone and she never wanted to address the issue but rather was intent on running away yet he could not let her get out of the gate because she could have faced an accident since she was not in her right mind and she was too angry.

According to new Intel, Victor has reportedly been rushed to the hospital after passing out while at his home. According to the video clip cited online, the unconscious singer could be seen being helped to get into the ambulance for further medical supervision. One of the women seemingly related to Kamenyo hinted that the singer passed out while in his living room.

Although the reason for Kamenyo’s passing out is still unknown, it is alleged that’s his girlfriend’s departure to a greater extent has contributed to the development. A small section of Netizens, however, have maintained that this is a stunt crafted by the singer to promote his impending concert.

If this be a trick to try and get fans to attend his concert, Victor has surely taken acting a notch higher. We shall keep you posted about his health regardless.

Leticia Nambaziira

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