David Lutalo left his fans yearning for more as he threw them hit after hit of many of his amazing songs. As usual, he dominated the stage with his talent and powerful performance as he was sweating and panting all over the stage. It is quite clear that David’s fans love him and as they showed support during his performance, everything turned out perfect.

We, however can’t say the same for his fellow Singer Babarita who happened to be among the artistes who had the worst performance at David Lutalo’s concert that happened at Hotel Africana over the weekend.

During an interview with local media channels, Babarita revealed that she rehearsed but people that were playing band instruments didn’t do it well like the way they had rehearsed and that’s why she was confused hence struggling to perform. Netizens have however mentioned that a bad workman will of course blame his tools and they believe she just lacked the muse for this performance.

Babarita apologized to her fans saying it will never happen again because it has never happened and this was the first time. She mentioned that all her fans know she is good with her music but it was just that she was a bit confused since the people playing the instruments were not doing a good job as per their rehearsal.

I apologize to my fans for the bad performance in the beginning because at the end I tried. The problem was from the people playing band instruments they didn’t do it like we had rehearsed. That’s the reason I was struggling other wise I am talented and my fans know I can sing


Leticia Nambaziira

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