When Rema Namakula left the Big Talent boss Eddy Kenzo, he mentioned that Rema had left and now he was a free bull that could roam the kraal. His fans must have taken him very seriously when he made this joke. Rumors started about him as he has been linked to various women in his circle, branding him a cassanova.

Eddy Kenzo is now tired of getting a title he has not earned and so he has come out to address allegations of being a reknown city casanova. Since time immemorial, the singer has always been one of the favorite ladies man, that is undeniable.

This however, can be attributed to his star status, money and good looks. And ever since Kenzo parted ways with his baby mama Rema Namakula, the singer is noted to be a great fan of flirting with both musicians and female fans. The Weekend singer has even via his lyrics and stage performances asserted that he’s also a great ladies man.

However, while appearing in a local TV interview, Kenzo said that he’s an entertainer. And doing music, dance and drama, he always has to make sure that his fans leave the venue entertained. He mentioned that this is what most people have mistaken for flirting. He therefore made it clear that not all he says in his music should be taken seriously.

I’m an entertainer who does music, dance and drama. I always add in drama for my fans so that they get a good time. Not everything I say or sing about is realistic. Just like comedy, you don’t take everything from there to be a fact

Eddy Kenzo

However much Kenzo has been linked to various women, it seems he’s not yet ready to jump into marriage for now because recently he was quoted telling youths to first focus on uplifting themselves economically than rushing into marriage.

Leticia Nambaziira

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