As a musician, singer Lil Pazo has not been well off and many times, we have witnessed different people coming to his aid when he got into difficult situations. Ever since he came into the music scene with his ‘Emotoka’ hit, Lil Pazo has been struggling to make a living as an artiste.

In March 2020, he cried like a wasp sting fella as he watched his car burn into ashes after it caught fire on Masaka road as he and friends were heading to Ibanda district for burial. In July 2021, he publicly appealed to well wishers to help him foot medical bills after he had an abdominal operation.

So has been the condition of the singer but then here come inconsiderate nuP fans, cursing at him for receiving money in form of tips from NRM supporters. Apparently, he is not ready to sit back and watch anyone attack him as he decided to also fire back at the criticism.

Lil Pazo is currently spitting larva and cursing National Unity Platform (NUP) fans for calling for his head after having accepted money from NRM supporters during a performance. Lil Pazo, a renowned NUP supporter was seen in a video performing in a place that was filled with NRM supporters. As he entertained, they started tipping him with 50k notes.

Who wouldn’t be excited most especially with this kind of economy?An excited Pazo told the NRM supporters that they were preaching to him clearly with these various tips and they were tempting him to get saved, ditch NUP and embrace NRM as he pocketed more tips. After watching the video, NUP fans rained abuses at him on Facebook. Most of them demanded that he be beheaded for this kind of betrayal.

Pazo did not sit back as he also blasted them. He said NUP fans are the most bad hearted people, worse than the NRM supporters. He reminded them that he comes from Masaka and there was no way he could have rejected tips. He revealed that he used money to buy his kids pampers since it was his hard earned money but NUP fans insist he should not have picked evil money.

Leticia Nambaziira

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