Ugandan Lugaflow rapper Earnest Nsimbi Zamba who is commonly known as GNL Zamba has labeled his mother land Uganda an embarrassing country to market. The rapper for starters currently lives in the US. And in a way to give back to his country for uplifting him to the star he is today, he decided to market the country’s natural beauty.

GNL Zamba revealed that he was at a party and started praising and lavishing Uganda with Multiple beautiful words to a foreign friend of his. He told him the country has some of the best natural resources, parks, good investment environment, the best climate, good food among others.

Zamba added that however after all this and then a person opens Google to search about the country but finds videos of security abducting people in the vehicles commonly known as drones. He mentioned therefore that as a country, there is a lot to be done in creating a good impression to the outside world.

Yesterday at a party I was telling everyone I met to come to our peaceful country Uganda to see the beauty, visit the parks, have a beer in our city and Invest but when they google they find a video of a man being kidnapped by soldiers in broadday light! Muswaaza twedeko #Shame,


It should be recalled that there were a number of abductions both in the pre and post election time. These were done by the famous drones manned by security personnel and highly targeted opposition supporters especially NUP

Leticia Nambaziira

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