The Brave Girls festival is a behavioral change campaign aiming to re-direct focus to the emerging health issues affecting women and celebrate women in the SRHR sector that have played a major role in fighting for equal rights and access to health services for all.

Adolescent girls and young women in most cases have been disproportionately affected by different sexual and reproductive health issues like teenage pregnancy of which some of these young ladies get to have their first child by the age of 19 which causes them to miss out on the desired future.

The Brave Girl’s Festival was therefore meant to serve as a reminder to the young people of the realities that are still happening, everything around them that could affect them and sure ways of avoiding bad circumstances. The event continued amplifying the voices of the women who have stood out to create positive change.

The event was headlined by different speakers that shared inspirational real-life stories before the young people, stories of their lives and past experiences. The speakers included top musicians in Uganda that included Karol Kasita, Spice Diana, Nina Roz, Jackie chandiru and Media personality Anita Fabiola.

Nina Roz and Jackie Chandiru made it a point to remind youths to stay away from drugs if they were ever to suceed. As they sang their hearts out, at the Brave Girls festival which was organized by Reach A Hand Uganda ( RAHU), the two singers could halt the stage performance and emphasize staying away from drugs.

It is not a national secret that these two singers were in tight situations because of drugs. For a very long time, the two singers have been in the media for having been victims of drug abuse and successfully gotten over it through rehabilitation.

When I tell you to stay away from drugs, it’s because I have seen and felt how bad it can affect you. Please make wise decisions our fans! we love you. To the young people attending the Brave Girls Festival, please stay away from Drugs”

Nina roz

Leticia Nambaziira

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