According to various religions, acts like tattooing ones body are considered a great sin. Many religions call it a satanic symbol which religion does not adhere to. Many times, people with tattoos are judged for being sinners who will not inherit the kingdom of Jehova.

Over the years, religious critics claimed that several of Eddy Kenzo’s practices did not adhere to Islam.These practices included performing in bars, getting tattoos, and numerous other behaviours they felt went against the norms and customs of their Islamic faith.

Eddy Kenzo has always done well in not responding to such criticisms and he has always done well in defending his own actions despite every criticism hurled his way. Recently however, he could not keep silent about one issue that has bugged him. Kenzo mentioned that even in feather, no one should dare to touch his tattoos in a bid to remove them.

Despite the Islamic custom of cleaning the body and removing any extra decorations before burial, Kenzo ordered that no one should tamper with his tattoos during preparations for his burrial.

The father of two emphasized that it is best to let him go with his tattoos, and it will be his responsibility to tell Allah why he chose to have them. Kenzo mentioned that for every body piercing he got, there is a big story behind it so he does not want to see anyone tampering with them at all.

Avcording to Eddy Kenzo, having tattoos does not make him less of a Muslim and he believes he should not be overly criticised by people around him just because he bears tattoos.

Leticia Nambaziira

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