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Roden Y Kabako falls off stage in the middle of performance.

Something must surely be wrong with singer Gravity Omuttuju’s stages. Just as soon as the artiste on stage cathes fire, trying to deliver the best performance to his or her fans, the stage falls in, creating a mess and leaving the crowd roaring out in laughter.

Rewinding back, Gravity Omutujju was performing with his star dancer Trisha woods and just as she delivered a wowing performance to her fans, the stage completely fell in, throwing her together with gravity into the wood underneath the stage. This left Netizens talking for a while, many saying that this happened because she was A plus size and the stage was too weak to contain her.

Kabako doing a dynamic dance

The other victim of the infamous stage fall has been none other than Roden Y Kabako, real name Yusuf Ssenabulya, who was among the acts that performed at Gravity Omutujju’s Saturday night concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval. Kabako fell off the stage in the middle of his performance.

Kabako is most definitely known for his powerful performances and his top notch dancing skills. He therefore hit the stage with the usual energy, and as he lifted his leg while at the edge of the stage, he fell off. The clip showing the incident ends at the point when he is falling off while he was performing his collabo with Sheebah Karungi titled Sitani Tonkema.


The rest of the performance went by as a blur for his as he could not focus properly considering he had a terrible fall as he powerfully hurled himself off the stage (willingly i must add)

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