Just as you think you have seen it all, another suprise blow hits you from some place else. No one expected that Ugandan songstress Spice Diana and Tanzanian music icon Diamond Platnumz have nicknames for each other according to the flirtatious texts Spice Diana dropped on her Instagram story.

Spice Diana met Diamond in Tanzania in April 2021 on her visit to the Wasafi premises as she promoted her music in a media tour. It is believed that since then, the two have been keeping close tabs on one another, sharing musical advice and a bit of flirty texts here and there, ya know.

Even during the time the two met, Spice posted pictures of the two of them but this did not sit well with some fans as they mentioned that Diamond was giving Spice Diana the romantic eyes and they warned her to go easy on the gentleman because he is an international heart breaker. A few comments came in funny as they warned spice that if she was not careful, Diamond would chew her as well.

All this silent flirting unfolded as the Wasafi boss celebrated his birthday over the weekend. In her special B.D message to him, Spice Diana expressed her undying admiration for him before sharing screenshots of their private chats. According to the screenshot, he calls her Spicy Dangote and she calls him Spicy Simba. My oh my.

A real king in and out. You are an amazing super star, big icon, and a big inspiration. So humble and welcoming. Happy birthday King Dee, from Spicy Dangote

Spice Diana
The nicknames of the famous singers.

Many fans have been left thunder struck because no one saw this coming. To top it all off, one fan was shocked to see that spice Diana had already been given Diamond’s last name, Dangote, something that is supposed to come after marriage.

Another section of fans mentioned that they knew Diamond is a World class cassanova but no one expected he was keeping tabs on spice Diana.(seems quite unbelievable right?)

Leticia Nambaziira

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