According to Ziza Bafana, no man can get any good thing from getting close to his ex bae Vanessa Vanny because she is not the type of woman who is willing to settle down in marriage with one partner. Accoding to Bafana, Vanessa can only roam around via different men looking for a way to milk them of an entire fortune and yet she never stays with them for long.

In the past, Vanessa dated a series of musicians invluding John Black and Ziza Bafana himself. She recently then got hooked to Masaka tycoon, Lwasa Emmanuel,who was planning on making her his second wife after Angel Kwakunda.

According to Intel, she was set to introduce him to her parents, but the ceremony was allegedly called off by Vanessa’s family over Lwasa’s disrespecting comments. They mentioned that however much he helped Venessa to complete her parent’s house, this doesn’t give him a right to abuse and demean them.

Lwasa also reportedly gave Vanessa over Shs 30M to organize the function, but she pocketed the money and disappeared from the scene of the crime like a drug dealer. Lwasa was left waiting for his bride as the family also mentioned they did not get any money to organisé any sort of function for the pair.

When her ex-boyfriend, Ziza Bafana was asked about her, he had no kind words for her at all as he mentioned that Vanessa was not one to settle for one man entirely and he branded her a gold digger.

She is a gold digger. She runs after money. Lwasa has a lot, that is how he fell into her traps

Ziza Bafana

Leticia Nambaziira

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