BBS Terefayina Kiri Kitya presenter Diana Nabatanzi is all smiles after ex-boyfriend Emmanuel Lwasa’s Kukyala flopped. Troubled Masaka tycoon’s ceremony was cancelled on the d-day by his wife to be Vanessa’s parents.

On the fateful morning, Lwasa was left stranded parading off Kukyala items worth millions he had bought for Vanessa’s parents in Mpigi. According to Intel, préparations must have cost him 50 Million and upwards because he bought so many items extravagantly.

He however could not keep a straight face when he received the news that he was not welcome to his Wifey’s home as he had disrespected the wifey and her parents Infront of the media, according to the parents. They mentioned that just because he helped them with completing their house does not mean he has any right to step all over them.

The cancellation of the ceremony was confirmed by his girlfriend Vanessa Vanny through a phone call who later disappeared without a single trace. Lwasa went out hunting for his bride but he came back empty handed as he failed to get her.

However, upon hearing the embarrassing news about the flop,

Lwasa’s ex-bonkmate Diana Nabatanzi went to her socials and posted laughing emojis. This made netizens and critics believe that she was laughing at his troubled love life.

Leticia Nambaziira

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