Singer Gravity Omutuju’s wife Nakanyike Sharua has praised him saying he is the best husband and father to her and their children respectively. Gravity has been with his wife for more than five years and the couple has two children together.

However, Gravity Omutujju usually hides his family far from the public eye and little is very known about his wife and children. When asked about this, Gravity mentioned that you could never know where the evil eyes are and therefore he decided to protect hus family from the media inorder to protect them from harrasment.

However, during his Lugogo Cricket Oval concert over the weekend, his wife showed up to support him. She indeed looked beautiful as much as she looked happy and ecstatic. This is the first time Sharua was seen attending her hubby’s concert that revelers were shocked to see her at the venue.

During the concert, she got a chance to speak to the media and in an interview with the media, Gravity’s wife revealed that the Omutujju seen outside in the public is not the Gravity she and her kids see back at home. Sharua revealed that when Gravity is at home, he is a father and husband, not a celebrity or an artiste and that’s what makes him the best person ever.

She emphasized that Gravity has never beat her or even raised his voice at her despite him making a statement in public that he enjoys beating his wife while he addressed the Weasel and Teta saga recently.

Leticia Nambaziira

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