Lydia Jazmine recently wowed her fans when she posted a house on her Instagram story. It was a lovely house with two bedrooms and according to her caption, it proved that the house belonged to her. In her Instagram story, Jazmine said she had taken her mother and uncle to their new home.

It has been discovered, after some digging however that the house does not belong to Lydia Jazmine but rather belongs to a one Regan Senyonjo, who is currently living in Norway. According to Intel, Ssenyonjo rented the house to a one Dan Flavour, who rented it to Jazmine.

My landlord is in Norway, he rented the house out to me and I’ve been there for two years. I later put it on Airbnb which is the online marketplace focused on short-term homestays. When Lydia was looking for a house, she came around and talked to me like a sister, saying she wants to stay near Zari Hassan

Dan flavor

A broker from Makindye linked Jazmine to Flavour. She paid for six months and the occupancy started in September. He said she’s never there, despite having her things in the house. According to Flavour, this reporter’s first story about the house was read by the owner, who contacted him asking why he had sold his house, which is not the case so he wished to clarify everything.

When contacted for a comment, the singer declined to clarify whether she was just a tenant or the owner. She mentioned that she has nothing to clarify because she did not even post this on her official pages.

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