In mid-September, Tracy Kirabo a.k.a Pia Pounds revealed to the World her struggle to regain confidence which was robbed from her when she lost her tooth in a dangerous boda boda accident.

The songstress mentioned that she lost a front tooth following an accident and underwent dental implant surgery in October 2021. According to her however, the surgery was not a success and she had to endure the pain and perform without a tooth for months. She also mentioned that she was unable to smile due to fear of being laughed at since she was missing a tooth.

Pia Pounds has had to undergo other surgeries, scans, and other procedures in Uganda and Kenya to have her tooth fixed but in vain. New Intel coming in however reveals that Ugandan singer Pia Pounds is smiling again after having finally had a successful dental surgery that fixed her smile after a long time.

A few weeks ago, she managed to undergo a successful surgery and a new tooth was fixed to put an end to her misery. Upon returning from Nairobi, Kenya where the surgery happened, the singer expressed her gratitude for those that encouraged her in the lengthy time of misery. She noted that it will take time to get used to her new smile but it surely has already boosted her confidence.

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